Upcoming Pokémon Event At GameStop

 Huge Pokémon Event This Saturday At GameStop!

GameStop Event

Guess what trainers? GameStop is having another Pokémon Event this Saturday on August 19th. If you missed the last one back in May, this is your chance to go and buy some awesome Pokémon merchandise for your growing collection.

I didn’t end up making it to the last one due to lack of funds for extras in my budget. I have a little extra cash this time around, so I will definitely be checking it out tomorrow. Not sure what I will get just yet, but hoping for a new plushie to love.

The new Sun & Moon Burning Shadows decks are out now. You can also get your hands on an Elite Trainer Box, which comes with a bunch of extras that are great for building a kick butt deck. All Pokémon Trading Card Game boxes, except for the Burning Shadows decks, will be buy 1 get 1 50% off.

Now is a good time to stock up on your card collection or even build a couple of new decks to take on your friends. You may even build a really strong deck so you can compete in a Trading Card Game tournament or two. I’ve never competed before, but I would love to give it a shot someday!

Honestly, I’ve really been slacking on my Pokémon card collection lately. I hardly have any cards from the Sun & Moon Generation. I’m pretty sure I only have a few from the Dollar Store packs or small events that come with a card or two. Maybe I will put some money aside so I can fix this problem!

Theme Decks & Elite Trainer Boxes

The next deal is one that I will be taking advantage of. Select Pokémon plushies, toys, housewares and drink ware will be 25% off at GameStop tomorrow. These items can be pricey, so buying them on sale definitely helps lessen the damage on the wallet.

This deal includes the Pokémon Z-Ring Set and the additional Z-Crystals that can be purchased separately. It is a replica of the Z-Ring and Z-Crystals featured in the Pokémon Sun & Moon games. It doesn’t actually interact with the game, but it’s still cool to have since it makes it feel like you are part of the game. It also lights up and makes noise.

Pokémon action figures and plushies will also be on sale tomorrow. I have tons of figurines from the first two generations in a huge bag somewhere. I spent countless hours making up stories with my brother playing with Pokémon toys. Those were some good times!

We even used to play with the plushies like Pikachu & Togepi. We would pretend to be Ash and Misty and go on adventures with out trusty companions. Oh to be that young and imaginative again! I still have a few plushies that reside in my game room. There is always room for more though.

They have some pretty cool mugs and housewares as well. My boyfriend actually bought me a Pokéball mug for my birthday last year. I thought it was freaking awesome that he not only accepted my love for all things Pokémon, but that he actually contributed to my collection. When I’m not drinking out of my Pokéball mug, it lives in my game room as well.

Plusies & Cups

A newer item that is out in the world of Pokémon goodies is the Pokémon Mega Construx series. They are similar to Legos. You build the Pokémon or Pokéball using small pieces and the building guide that comes with the Mega Construx box.

I have seen these recently, and thought they would look really cool in my game room with all my other Pokémon and Mario stuff. They have boxes of all different sizes and different difficulty levels.

I have only seen the small ones like Zubat and Magikarp. They also have all of the Pokéballs. GameStop will have a few larger Mega Construx as well, like Gyarados and Charizard. These are also included in the sale so get them while you can.

I will have to pick a couple up for myself. I’m sure they will be loads of fun to build and even better to sit and admire after. You can always take it apart and put it back together if you want so you can enjoy it over and over again.

Mega Construx Pokemon

There is another awesome item at tomorrows GameStop Pokémon Event, that is free for everyone! If you have a copy of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon you are eligible to take advantage of this free gift.

GameStop will be handing out download cards for an exclusive battle ready Salazzle! You can stop by any GameStop and just ask an associate for a Salazzle download card. This event will end on September 4th, so don’t wait until its gone.

Salazzle will be at level 50 when received through mystery gift. It will know the moves Flamethrower, Toxic, Sludge Bomb and Fake Out. The Salazzle will also be holding a Focus Sash.

In order to receive your Salazzle just follow the steps below:

  • Select Mystery Gift on the main menu
  • Select Receive Gift
  • Select Get with Code
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Enter the Code from the Download Card
  • Watch as you receive Salazzle
  • Speak to the delivery man in any Pokémon Center
  • Pick up Salazzle
  • Save you game
  • Enjoy your Battle Ready Salazzle!

Battle Ready Salazzle

A while back, GameStop teamed up with this awesome company called Think Geek. They make all kinds of awesomely geeky stuff such as this giant Snorlax Bean Bag. Most of their merchandise has to be purchased though their website, but some stores will have Snorlax available at $30 off.

I’m not sure if any of their other stuff will be on sale, but they are still worth checking out. If you don’t want to get something Pokémon related, they have so many other nerdy items of all different types. Check it out for yourself. You might just find something you didn’t know you needed in your life.

If you are a bit low on funds, but still want to participate in these awesome deals, you can always trade some stuff in. If you have some games hanging around you don’t use or even any smart phones that are sitting in a drawer collecting dust, stop in and trade them in. You can use the credit towards some new Pokémon goodies and save even more.

ThinkGeek Snorlax Bean Bag

Well I have to see how much money I can scrounge up for this event. I don’t want to let another GameStop Pokémon Event come and go without picking up some sweet Pokémon stuff for my game room. Hope you all find that special something that puts a smile on your face without emptying your pockets.


Until next time….I’ll be at GameStop!          

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