Top 100 RPG Games: Pokémon Makes the List



Pokémon RPG Games Make the List of Top 100 RPG Games

Over the weekend, I received a copy of Game Informer in the mail with an interesting article in it about the top 100 RPG games of all time. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Game Informer is a video game magazine that contains articles, news, strategies and reviews of the latest game releases. I have a subscription for Game Informer through GameStop that came with my Power Up Rewards Pro Membership. I’ve had this Pro Membership for years now, since I buy the majority of my new games from GameStop. It gives you great deals on used games and extra trade in value as well as coupons and points that you can redeem for various items. I think it’s well worth it and the Game Informer subscription is just an added bonus.

The cover of Junes edition of Game Informer really caught my eye. It is covered from front to back with colorful iconic video game characters originating from multiple gaming systems and spanning decades. What stood out to me the most was the Gameboy with the Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow cartridges and of course the little Pikachu, which can all be found on the font cover. On the back cover were some other awesome characters like Mario, Bowser and Yoshi along with some Nintendo consoles like the N64 and the Switch. Other epic games like Zelda, Final Fantasy, Earth Bound and World of Warcraft are also featured on Game Informers June 2017 edition.

GI June 2017 Back CoverGI June 2017 Front CoverGI Logo

After seeing the epic cover I just had to see what was inside. One article in particular really peaked my interest. The Top 100 RPG’s of All Time not only sounded interesting, but it also took up the bulk of this months Game Informer. I was curious to see what video games had made the list, There seemed to be a pretty good mix of games and I recognized quite a few of them, but there were also a lot I had never heard of. Some games had been released recently while others were released over thirty years ago. The games spanned multiple platforms from PC to PlayStation and NES to XBOX One. It was like taking a stroll down memory lane and reminiscing all of the hours spent and memories made while playing these RPG’s.

While reading through the top 100 RPG games , I was excited to see some Pokémon RPG games make the list. Coming in at number fifty, right at the halfway point of the list, was Pokémon Gold and Silver. This Pokémon sequel to Red and Blue was released in 2000 on the Game Boy Color and featured an additional 100 Pokémon. The best part about these games was the ability to travel back to Red and Blues Kanto region after defeating all the gyms in Johto. You could go and explore Kanto and see what changes occurred since Red and Blue and even take on Red himself after collecting all of the regions badges. Pokémon Gold and Silver were one of my all time favorite Pokémon RPG games and they definitely deserve to be included in this list.


Pokemon Gold & Silver GameplayPokemon Gold and Silver

After all the excitement of seeing a Pokémon game on the top 100 RPG games list, I was eager to read on and see if there were any more surprises on the list. As I continued to progress through the article, I was not disappointed. Coming in pretty high on the list at number fifteen is Pokémon Red and Blue. I can’t say that I was all that surprised that it ranked so high due to Pokémon’s rapid popularity since the games release in 1998 on the Game Boy. I remember kids everywhere were playing and talking about this game. Kids were showing off their coolest and strongest Pokémon through link battles and trades; back when you needed a wire to do these things. My how times have changed!  Although I much prefer the wireless trade and battle functions, I know that none of that would be possible if Pokémon Red and Blue hadn’t laid down the foundation for Pokémon games today. I think that’s why this iconic game duo ranked this far up on the list and I couldn’t be happier about it

Pokemon Red & Blue

Pokemon Red & Blue Gameplay










After reading this article in Game Informer, I was curious if other gaming magazines or websites had similar lists. While doing some research online, I came across another top 100 RPG games list on a site called IGN. IGN is a website dedicated to video game news, reviews and guides. I decided to scan through this article and see if they thought Pokémon deserved a spot on their list. I was a bit surprised to see Pokémon Sun and Moon on the list at number thirty. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love these two games, but I just wasn’t expecting them to be on this list since they are pretty new and vastly different than the earlier games. I guess IGN was more so appreciating how far Pokémon RPG games have come since the ninety’s and I can respect that.

Pokemon Yellow Game PlayPokemon Yellow Version








After seeing Pokémon Sun and Moon I didn’t think they would even mention the original Pokémon games, but I was wrong. Pokémon Yellow Version came in at an impressive number four! 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised to see this iconic game not only make an appearance, but to rank in the top five is just amazing. This game brings back so many fond memories of my childhood. I always loved the fact that Yellow version followed more closely with the anime. You get a Pikachu as your starter, just like Ash Ketchum and you even get a Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander during your adventure. So, you basically get all of the Kanto starters, plus Pikachu and follow Ash’s story line. Pikachu acts just like he does in the anime and refuses to stay in a Pokéball, so he follows behind you the entire game. You also get to battle the infamous Team Rocket’s Jessie, James and Meowth. How amazing is that?! All of these awesome Pokémon games deserve to be on this list for all that they have accomplished in the gaming world, and I’m sure Pokémon will continue to amaze us in the future.


Until next time…..Game On!        Pokemon

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    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Sandman,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article. 🙂

      If you have ever played Pokémon or just heard about it over the years, you definitely know that Pokémon belongs on the list of the top 100 RPG games. These games have paved the way for the games of today.

      I think Pokémon will remain relevant for many years to come and it will continue to grow and develop as the years pass. I will be playing Pokémon until my days are over, that’s for sure.

      Thanks again!


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