Pokémon Mystery Gift Codes

Pokémon Mega Stones

Over the years, Pokémon games have evolved from single player experiences to playing with countless people from all over the world. Thanks to wireless capabilities, you can battle and trade with trainers from just about anywhere in no time at all. This has made the games more involved and has allowed people to meet many new friends while playing. Wireless functions have also given the Pokémon Company a chance to be more active in the gaming community by holding distribution events. During these events they release Pokémon mystery gift codes that can be used to download free gifts, such as Pokémon mega stones, using wireless communications.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Stones

Pokémon mega stones were introduced in the games Pokémon X and Y, and are also available in Pokémon Sun and Moon. A mega stone is a special item that can be held by your Pokémon and used in conjunction with a mega ring, which the trainer holds. The mega stone can then be activated with the mega ring during a Pokémon battle. The mega stone then allows the Pokémon to mega evolve into an advanced form of itself, allowing it to become much stronger than its original form. This transformation is only possible during battle, and the Pokémon returns to its former self once the battle ends. Mega evolution can only be utilized once per battle, so you much choose wisely. There are many different Pokémon mega stones, but not every Pokémon has one. Each mega stone is specific and can only be used for that particular Pokémon.


In order to take full advantage of these mega stone distribution events, you must first know when they are scheduled and how to receive the codes. After doing some research I found three separate Pokémon mystery gift codes that are live and can be used to download free Pokémon mega stones. These codes can only be used for Pokémon Sun and Moon and currently do not have an end date, but that could later change. The available mega stone mystery gift codes are listed in the table below.


Mega Stone Mystery Gift Table


Now that you have your mystery codes, just follow these simple steps to receive your mega stones.

  1. Put your copy of Pokémon Sun or Moon into your 3DS.
  2. Turn your 3DS on.
  3. Choose Pokémon Sun or Moon from the 3DS menu.
  4. Select “mystery gift” from the games main menu.
  5. Choose “get with code” from the options.
  6. Enter the mystery gift code, either AZUL, INTIMIDATE or M2DESCENT.
  7. Watch as your mega stones are received.
  8. Start the game as normal.
  9. Go to any Pokémon Center in the game.
  10. Talk to the delivery man next to the counter and he will give you your mega stones.


I hope you all enjoy these awesome free gifts and use them to your advantage while playing Pokémon Sun and Moon.


Until next time……get your game on!   Pokemon

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