Pokémon GO Update: Legendary Birds Are Flying In!

Legendary Bird Pokémon Will Be Landing At A Gym Near You

Legendary Bird Pokemon


A lot has happened over the past couple of days in the Pokémon GO universe, and the news has got me super excited! A new update was released for both Android and Apple devices on July 18th, so if you haven’t updated the game yet, make sure to do that before Pokémon GO Fest Chicago on Saturday.

The update includes a few small adjustments to the game to make it run smoother and make the game more enjoyable. One small change you will notice is an added icon on the Pokémon information screen that will show how the Pokémon was captured. For example, if you caught a Pidgey with a Pokéball, a small Pokéball icon will appear in front of the location where you caught the Pidgey.

After you complete a Raid Battle, you will now be able to spin the Gyms Photo Disc to receive items and a Gym Badge. Also, an issue where trainers were unable to complete Raid Battles that were started before the time ran out on the map view has been resolved. Another problem involving Pokémon not being returned to Trainers after defending a Gym has also been fixed. So if you were having problems with these particular bugs, then you will be relieved to know that they are long gone.

Ho-Oh Pokemon Go

Trainers will now be able to send Berries to their Pokémon that are defending a Gym through the Pokémon information screen, without being close to the Gym. This will allow trainers to help keep their defending Pokémon Motivated, without having to travel to each Gym location. This is a nice added feature, however the Motivation gained from the Berries will be less effective than those given while in close proximity to the Gym. Just be aware of that when you are using your Berries, so you don’t waste them.

Berries can now be given to Pokémon that are defending a Gym, but have a full Motivation Meter. I’m not 100% sure if this will have any benefit, but I would imagine that it would extend the Pokémon’s Motivational time frame, even if the meter can’t actually fill any more than it already is. I think this will be the case, because if it doesn’t increase the Motivation at all, then it would just be a waste of Berries. I highly doubt that Niantic and the Pokémon Company would implement such a thing if it didn’t have any benefit. This could be a good way to stock up your Pokémon’s Motivation if you plan to be away from the game or Gyms you defend for a while.

In addition to all of these minor updates, there will also be an improved Pokémon collection screen search functionality, which will be a nice added touch. There are some other various bug fixes that have been implemented during this update to help streamline the gaming experience. Anything that can make my gaming experience better is definitely fine by me. Take a look for yourself and try the new features out to see if they are helpful to you.

Get Ready For The First Legenday Pokémon Apperance At Pokémon Go Fest Chicago!


Now that we have the smaller updates out of the way, it’s time to talk about the giant bird in the room. I mean the Pokémon GO Legendary Bird of course!

As you all know, tomorrow is the day of the first Pokémon GO Fest in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. Trainers in Grant Park will work alongside Trainers from around the world to complete challenges  and unlock bonuses for everyone. By completing these challenges, a “mystery” challenge will be revealed for those at Pokémon GO Fest. We now know that the “mystery” challenge is actually the appearance of a Legendary Bird Pokémon as a Raid Boss that will have to be defeated in a Raid Battle.

Once the Legendary Pokémon appears, Trainers in Grant Park will have to defeat it before the time runs out. Trainers must work together to take down this powerful Pokémon, if they stand any chance of capturing it. If the Trainers in Grant Park are successful, they have a chance at capturing the super powerful bird for themselves. This will also unlock a global event in which trainers from around the world will be able to encounter the Legendary Birds at Pokémon GO Gyms near them.

The Legendary Birds will appear at Pokémon Gyms only and will not be found in the wild. A unique Egg called a Legendary Egg will appear above a Gym when a Legendary Raid Boss is about to be revealed. Trainers in the area will then team up and try to take down the Legendary Raid Boss. Once defeated, you may then try and capture the Legendary Bird Pokémon and add it to your PokéDex.

Lugia Pokemon Go

In an attempt to keep the game fair for every gaming level, Legendary Pokémon will not be allowed to be left to defend Gyms. This would just be ridiculous and far too overpowering. No one would be able to defeat a Gym unless they had a Legendary Pokémon too. Besides it wouldn’t be very fun if every Gym had the same Legendary Pokémon in it, and all the battles consisted of Legendary on Legendary matches. I know that would not be very fun for me, that’s for sure.

Even though you can’t us a Legendary Bird to defend a Gym, you can use one to fight a Gym. This might just make it a bit easier to defeat a tough Gym, but it would also be harder to defend one from other Legendary Pokémon since you can’t defend your Gym with Legendaries. I’m not sure if they will keep this feature, since it is new and they are testing it out. Down the road they might stop the use of Legendaries in battles all together, but who knows. I can see it being a possible problem, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

Pokémon GO Fest Chicago is quickly approaching and I could not be more excited to join in on the fun. If you want to take a peak and see just what all the fuss is about, you can follow the live stream on Twitch or YouTube for the latest news on the big event. You can even join in on the conversation on social media by using #PokemonGOFest. Updates will also be available in real time on the progress of each Challenge Window, so come and check it out. It’s time to get going on your legendary adventure!


Until Next Time…..Legendary Adventures Await!                       Pokemon




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