Pokémon GO Research Tasks – Now Featuring Flying & Electric Challenges

New High Flying and Electrifying Pokémon GO Research Tasks Are Here!

Pokemon GO Zapdos

Hello again Trainers! Over the past month trainers across the globe have been out and about conducting important Pokémon GO Research Tasks in the hopes of encountering Mew. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been having so much fun collecting new tasks and acing them. There is just something so satisfying about completing a task and getting a Research Stamp.

Although I haven’t had all that much time to play, when I do get the chance to play it is very thrilling. You just never know what the next task will be and just how long it will take you to complete. I must say that I haven’t been this excited about playing Pokémon GO since it first came out. The introduction of Pokémon GO Research Tasks has definitely renewed my enthusiasm for the game.

Since I do not get too much time to play, I only have three Research Stamps right now. I also have not yet completed the Mythical Discovery tasks to encounter Mew. I know, I know. I’m totally slacking on my Pokémon GO progress, but work and life just keeps getting in the way. I will make sure I get out and conduct some Research this weekend since it will be beautiful out where I am.

I hope that you have all made much more progress than me with your Research Tasks. I also hope that many of you have been successful with encountering and capturing the Mythical Pokémon Mew. Mew has always been my favorite Legendary/Mythical Pokémon ever since Pokémon first came out. Mew is just super strong and was totally adorable in Pokémon the First Movie. I just can’t get enough of Mew.

If you are like me, and did not complete the Mythical Discovery Tasks before the end of April, than you may have to wait to get a chance at catching Mew. Don’t worry though, Pokémon GO always has a way of circling back around and giving players more chances to encounter rare Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Just sit tight and take on the new challenges in the mean time.

Zapdos Pokemon GO

On May 1st, Pokémon GO rolled out new Research Tasks that go in a different direction than previous Tasks. A brand-new set of Field Research tasks are now available at Poké Stops everywhere. These new Research Tasks will involve Flying-Type and Electric-Type challenges that will test trainer’s abilities and will be skill-based in nature. Just like before, your know-how and techniques will be put to the test.

As before, you must collect seven Stamps to unlock the Research Breakthrough Challenge. Once you complete the Research Breakthrough Challenge, you will have the opportunity to catch the Legendary Electric & Flying-Type Pokémon Zapdos! Zapdos is one of three Legendary Bird Pokémon that originates from the Kanto Region.

Remember how I said that Pokémon GO always has a way of going full circle and bringing back Legendary Pokémon so you have another shot at catching them? Well this is a perfect example of this. Zapdos has had a couple of events in the past in the Raid Battle format. Zapdos would hatch from a Raid Egg and you and a bunch of other trainers would work together to take it down and try to catch it.

You may have even caught one yourself already, or maybe you missed out and were totally bummed. Either way, you have another chance to add Zapdos to your Poké Dex and your team. So get out there and start conducting some electrifying Pokémon Research tasks this month.

For those of you, like me, who already have some Field Research stamps, I have some great news. All of the Stamps that were earned last month for the Mythical Discovery tasks will remain and can be used toward this new round of Research Tasks. That means we all have a jump start on the Zapdos Discovery challenges, and are that much closer to encountering Zapdos! How exciting is that?!

Get Ready For a Fighting-Type Pokémon Showdown!

Pokemon GO Fighting Pokemon Event

As if new Research Tasks and the appearance of Zapdos weren’t enough excitement for the month of May, I have some more exciting Pokémon GO news for the month. On May 1st, Fighting-type Pokémon like Meditite and Machop have started to appear more frequently. This means you have a chance to strengthen your Fighting-Type team and even evolve some of these Pokémon to add to your Poké Dex.

This event isn’t just a chance to grab more Fighting-Type Pokémon, it has other surprises as well. Until May 14th, Trainers that compete in Gym Battles and Raid Battles will receive double XP. Even if you don’t win in a Raid Battle, you will still receive a guaranteed 3,000 Stardust for your participation.

If you do end up winning in a Raid battle you will also win at least one Rare Candy! There is something for everyone who takes a stab at battling, so it is worth it no matter the outcome. If you have never fought in a Gym Battle of Raid Battle, now is the perfect time to try it out.

All Gyms during the month of May will also yield other bonuses. Getting a Badge at a Gym will result in a 2x Badge Multiplier bonus, so you can receive even more benefits from Gyms that you go to often.

There are added benefits even if you just spin the Photo Disc at the Gym instead of battling. By spinning the Photo Disc at any Gym, you will earn more items than usual. Who doesn’t like free items, right?

This Special Battle Showdown event will only be available for a limited time this month, so take advantage of all the items and awesome Fighting-Type Pokémon while you can. Why not stock pile some Potions and Poké Balls during the event so you never run out again.

Might as well build an awesome Fighting-Type team, evolve some of them so they become even stronger and you can fill those holes in your Poké Dex at the same time. Time is ticking, so get out there and win the fight to be the very best!


8 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Research Tasks – Now Featuring Flying & Electric Challenges

  1. Melinda Reply

    Wow! I haven’t done Pokemon Go before, but it sounds very complex and kind of fascinating. Does it take a lot of your time?

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Melinda,

      Pokémon GO has definitely gotten a bit more complex since it first came out. The developers didn’t want the game to get boring or repetitive for those people that do play the game frequently. Some of the new features have really vamped up the game again and have got new people to start playing as well.

      The great thing about Pokémon GO is you can play as much or as little as you want. You don’t have to spend hours everyday to enjoy the game. I personally only play a couple of days a week when I have the time. I usually play when I go for a quick walk on my lunch break or when I take a walk around my neighborhood after dinner. I only play for maybe 20-30 minutes at a time and it is still just as fun as playing for hours. I still manage to catch a few Pokémon and visit a few Poké Stops to pick up some free items. It’s also a great game to kill some time. I will pop into the game when waiting at the doctors office or waiting for work on my car to be done, just to see if any new Pokémon pop up or if there is a Poké Stop nearby that I can spin.

      Pokémon GO doesn’t have a story line to follow, so if you don’t play the game for long periods of time, you won’t be lost when you decide to play again. You can just jump right back in and catch some more Pokémon. Let me know what you think if you decide to give it a go.

      Thanks for stopping by again,


  2. Jennifer Reply

    Nice article, I haven’t played in ages I had no idea there were so many add on to the game 🙂

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Jennifer,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Pokémon GO is constantly changing! They are always creating new and exciting features to keep players interested in the game. It’s certainly not the same old game that came out back in July of 2016. There are so many new and exciting adventures to embark on with all the updates. Pick the game back up and let me know what you think of all the new features!


  3. Ruth Reply

    I thought you article was fun and a great choice of niche. It is refreshing to see a website like this that isfun and light-hearted. Thank you for the information.

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Ruth,

      Thanks for your kind words on my Pokémon website. I knew right away that this was the niche for me. I have loved Pokémon ever since I was a kid and I still enjoy it now as an adult. There is just so much to do and new stuff is coming out in the Pokémon world all the time. I’m so glad Pokémon is still going strong after all these years and I’m sure it will continue on for many years to come.


  4. Steve Reply

    My kids…okay I have to admit, me too, loved Pokemon Go when it first came out. We haven’t played it in a while, so thank you for the reminder. We used to go out and find the gyms, etc and I actually quite enjoyed it myself. I know there is an entire world out there waiting to be explored. Anyway, thanks again, I will have to shock my kids and break out the Pokemon Go app just for fun and old times sake.

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Steve,

      I love how you and your children used to go out together and play Pokémon go as a family. Reading that just totally put a huge smile on my face. I always love hearing stories of families going out and enjoying the game together. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly completion now and again as well. Seeing who can get the rare and stronger Pokémon while exploring new and familiar places is what Pokémon GO is all about. I’m so glad that you plan on gathering the kids together for another Pokémon GO adventure. Have fun reminiscing and making fun new memories together.


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