Pokémon GO Research Quests

Pokémon GO Research Quests Are Here!

Pokemon Go Research Tasks

Hello there fellow Pokémon Trainers! Are you ready for a very important task? Well if you aren’t ready, then you better get packing for a bunch of new Pokémon Go adventures. Pokémon Go Research Quests are now available to all Trainers across the globe.

Professor Willow is looking for some daring Trainers to take on some important Pokémon research tasks. Many mysterious things have been occurring in the Pokémon world and Professor Willow needs some help to see if these happenings are in some way connected to the Mythical Pokémon Mew.

Most of you must be scratching your heads right now, wondering exactly what kind of research needs to be done. There are two different types of research quests that can be completed. These research types are Field Research and Special Research. Each research type has its own tasks and rewards.

Field Research quests can be collected by spinning PokéStops. Each quest will have objectives that need to be completed in order to gather the necessary research components. These objectives include discovering and catching specific Pokémon, engaging in Gym battles and much more.

Research Quests Pokemon GO

Professor Willow, who guides new Pokémon Trainers when they start their journey, is back and will continue to teach Trainers valuable lessons. Special Research quests will be presented to you by Professor Willow himself. These quests will take you on an adventure to make some crucial discoveries for the Pokémon world.

Completion of either type of research quest will be rewarded with a variety of useful items as well as encounters with elusive Pokémon. There is no max to the number of research quests that can be completed daily, leading to an adventure filled day. Trainers can just complete one a day, or many a day depending on how much time you have or how many quests you want to complete.

Not all research quests are created equal. These research quests come in a wide variety of difficulty levels, so Trainers of all types can find them enjoyable. The rewards gained from completing a research task will depend on the difficulty of the task. The harder the task, the greater the rewards.

Trainers can collect one Stamp daily with the successful completion of at least one Field Research task. Once a Trainer collects seven Stamps, they can achieve a Research Breakthrough, which will result in even greater rewards. This may even lead to an encounter with the Mythical Pokémon Mew!

These exciting Research quests are not only about the rewards though. During these unique challenges, Trainers will become better at finding, battling and catching new Pokémon. Newer Trainers will learn valuable skills and become better at catching Pokémon and battling Gyms. More experienced Trainers will have the opportunity to hone their skills and put those skills to the test to see just how accomplished they are as Trainers.

Pokemon Go Research Quests

Developing the Research Feature

A lot of thought was put into this new Research feature while it was being developed by the Pokémon Go team. They really wanted to create something fun and enjoyable for all types of Trainers, from the die hard players that play for countless hours every day to those who just play here and there for a few minutes at a time. They also wanted the rewards to rely on more than just catching Pokémon. They wanted trainers to be rewarded for mastering unique aspects of the game as well.

These research styles were designed to accommodate nearly any exploration style, including those who prefer to take their journey’s alone as well as those who love to go on adventures in a group. The research quests also needed to range in difficulty so even the most experienced players would still be challenged and the less experienced players would not get discouraged.

In order to create more of a challenge for the higher leveled Trainers, many of the research tasks are focused on skill and execution rather than chance. Tasks for the newer Trainers focus on learning new skills and gaining valuable knowledge to help them continue on their Pokémon journey. There is definitely something that every Pokémon Go Trainer can learn from and enjoy.

Mew Pokemon GOAn example of a research task that uses skill and teaches techniques is the challenge of completing three Great Throws in a row while trying to catch Pokémon. Newer Trainers can learn how to properly execute a Great Throw, while more experienced Trainers can test out their skills and see how they stack up. Either way, it is a great challenge whether it be a learning opportunity or a refresher.

This Research Feature was also designed with replay value in mind. This feature feels like one big continuous adventure, because it has so many different objectives that all vary in difficulty. This goes for Trainers of habit as well. Trainers that take the same route daily while playing, will encounter different challenges and objectives making the daily grind more exciting.

Rewards are also based on the difficulty of the challenge. For example, spinning PokéStops or catching Pokémon will earn Trainers some useful items. Completing a more challenging task such as getting three Great Throws in a row will offer highly sought after items, or even the chance to encounter a rare Pokémon.

The Pokémon GO Team also focused on creating research tasks that play on common themes in the Pokémon world. Field Research tasks that involve a specific type of Pokémon such as the Water-type, may lead to an encounter with a powerful Water-type Pokémon. This type of themed research will also subtly teach core knowledge about Pokémon without it seeming like a long winded, unnecessary tutorial. For example, education about type advantages and how certain Pokémon evolve will be included in the Research quests.

The main goal of these Research Quests, of course, is to have fun! Playing Pokémon Go should never feel like a chore, so the quests were created to be refreshing and new and not repetitive or protracted. There are shorter and easier Field Research Quests for Trainers that only play from 15-30 minutes at a time, so they don’t have to spend all day on a task. For those Trainers that love to play all day, there are plenty of Research Quests to be completed with varying difficultly levels and different requirements to fulfill.

The Research feature was meant to bring something new to Pokémon GO that can grow and change over time. The Pokémon GO team will continue to develop new tasks and ways to make it more fun for individual Trainers as well as large groups of Trainers. There is plenty more to come, so stay tuned. In the mean time, get your friends and become Pokémon Researchers.


Until next time…..get your research on!






8 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Research Quests

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Mario,

      I’m glad your wife enjoyed playing Pokémon GO. It really is a fun game. The best part is it gets you outside and moving around so you get exercise and fresh air while playing. What could be better than that?

      I also enjoy strategy games and the main Pokémon games are more that style. I pretty much enjoy all games, but there is just something about Pokémon that has stuck with me since I was a kid.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  1. Gail Reply

    I have to say that although I have obviously heard of Pokemon, I have never really seen or got into these things. However, your post makes it sound like a lot of fun. As a complete newbie beginner though, I don’t really understand what to do. Do I need and app or a gaming device in order to access this? Sorry to sound completely green, but I am. I used to do some geocaching a while back and loved the treasure hunt element of that – is this similar? Thanks for your post.

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Gail,

      Pokémon GO is a mobile game that you can download from the app store on an Apple device, or from Google Play on an Android device. It is free to download, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything to enjoy the game. It is a bit similar to geocaching games as you will have to hunt down Pokémon and find their location in order to get the chance to capture them. Then you can use those Pokémon to take on Gyms and catch Legendary Pokémon. You can also find PokéStops and collect useful items by spinning the disc there. The Research Quests are just a new exciting feature that gives you tasks to complete, like catching 10 Pokémon or going to 15 PokéStops. It’s a lot of fun and it gets you outside and moving. Maybe you could give it a try sometime.

      Thanks for visiting,


  2. Tony Reply

    Hi, Tabitha,

    Thank you for this post! It’s excellent news that Pokemon GO Research Quests is here! It seems that game developers don’t waste their time and always search new ways to pleasantly surprise the fans!

    What is your opinion? Is this new feature well made and is it going to be successful?

    Thank you!

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Tony,

      Game developers definitely have a tough task to create new and exciting games to keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology. I think the Pokémon GO Team really did a great job developing the Research Quest feature. They put a lot of thought into it and made sure it would be fun for all types of Trainers. It has the potential to be a permanent feature that can grow with the game as it changes. So far, I have really enjoyed it. It gave playing the game more purpose as you now have tasks to complete and rewards to earn. A lot of Trainers agree that this new feature has put the spark and excitement back into the game. I would say that the Research Quests are a huge success and will continue to be successful in the future.

      Thanks for checking out my post!


  3. Penelope Reply

    I am almost ready to jump on the Pokeman Go bandwagon. It sounds like a great way to reimagine the world around me and to also force myself to get WAAAAY more exercise than I would normally. thanks for the great tips on how to use it!

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Penelope,

      Pokemon GO really is a fun game to play. I love the fact that it gets people moving and outside in the fresh air. I find myself wanting to go for a walk just so I can play for a bit. I sometimes lose track of time, and before I know it a couple hours have gone by, and I’ve racked up lots of steps on my Fitbit. It even gets me outside on my lunch break at work, which is great since I sit at a desk all day staring at two computer screens. Maybe check it out sometime if it peaks your interest. Thanks for reading!


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