Pokémon GO Fest Chicago Update

Pokémon GO Fest Was An Epic Fail!

Pokemon GO Fest Fail

It’s been about three weeks since the huge Pokémon GO Anniversary Event took place in Grant Park in Chicago, IL. As some of you already know, it was a disaster. For those of you who don’t know, well you are about to find out why.

Pokémon GO Fest took place on July 22, 2017, at Grant Park in Chicago, IL. Thousands of trainers bought tickets to the exclusive one year anniversary event. These tickets sold out super fast, so some people were a bit upset that they couldn’t get their hands on any.

Tickets were originally sold at $20 a piece, which is reasonable, but scalpers were selling them on eBay for $150 a piece! It seems as though a lot of the tickets were bought by scalpers, who put the tickets up for sale online at ridiculous prices, feeding on desperate trainers who just wanted to experience the event and celebrate with other trainers.

Many event goers had to also travel quite a bit to get to the event. Some had to rent cars, purchase plane tickets and even book hotel rooms in order to make it to this event. Never mind the money that would be spent on food and other necessities while staying in Chicago for the Pokémon GO Fest.

Of course, none of these expenses really matter when it comes to the bigger picture. You can’t put a price on memories or making history with people who share your love for Pokémon. Just the experiences alone are worth the money, never mind all the awesome Pokémon you could catch and all the new friends you could make. It is definitely worth it in the end, or is it?

Pokemon Go Fest Wrist Bands

On the morning of the Pokémon GO Fest, eager trainers from far and wide arrived at Grant Park and were greeted with a humongous line. Some trainers were smart and got in line pretty early, so they got into the event much sooner than most trainers.

The excitement seemed to keep everyone in good spirits, even though trainers were waiting in line for hours. I thought the organizers of this epic event would have created a better and faster way to check everyone in, but I guess not. This way every trainer would be able to experience the entire event, instead of missing the first couple of hours of it.

This slow check-in process caused an issue with the challenge windows. A large amount of players, weren’t even in the park yet when the first challenge window started. So that was a huge bummer to many trainers.

After waiting in line for a couple of hours, the excitement was high once again as trainers made their way into the park, decked out in team colors and Pokémon stuff. This excitement, however didn’t last very long. Once they tried to open up the game, it all started going downhill fast.

Once trainers finally made it into the event, they were met with lagging gameplay, frozen screens and not being able to sign in to the game at all. After waiting all that time in a mile long line, trainers couldn’t even fully enjoy the gameplay with all of the glitches.

As more people made their way into the park, the gameplay became worse and worse. Trainers were booted out of the game entirely and could not sign back in. People started to become increasingly upset to a point of yelling and even booing!

As time went on, you could hear the entire park chanting “We can’t play!” over and over again. Trainers were completely outraged by the horrifying fact that they couldn’t play Pokémon GO at a Pokémon GO Event.

After a good portion of the event had passed and trainers were impatiently waiting for some answers, Niantic addressed the issues with the game. It turns out that there were issues with the game itself, and its servers as well as the mobile carriers and their cell towers.

The games servers could not handle the shear volume of players in one area accessing the sever at the same time. Niantic started working on a solution to this massive problem as soon as they could. Fixing the issue with the games servers, unfortunately would not take care of the issue with the mobile carriers.

Multiple cell phone carriers were also experiencing issues due to the large amount of trainers using their data plan and accessing the cell towers in the surrounding area. The mobile carriers also tried to work out a solution to the issues arising in Grant Park. It was a frustrating time for all parties involved.

After some more time passed, and another challenge window was missed due to technical difficulties, Niantic realized that the event could not be saved. The event ended early and many trainers left pissed off and fuming feeling like they had been ripped off.

Since Pokémon GO Fest was a complete and utter failure, Niantic and the Pokémon Company wanted to find a way to make it right, or at least even. Niantic released this statement following the events closure.

Pokemon GO Fest Statement

I must admit, there are some pretty awesome perks listed in this statement. Getting a full refund of the ticket is awesome, however I’m pretty sure that if you didn’t buy it directly from the Pokémon GO Fest website, you don’t get a refund. Also this doesn’t include the costs of travel, hotel rooms or other expenses accrued during this event. To some trainers, it was way more than just a ticket purchase, so they definitely didn’t get their money back.

Having $100 in PokéCoins is awesome, since that can buy you so much stuff, like Pokéballs, Premium Raid Passes, and Lucky Eggs. These can help you make big strides on your Pokémon journey, and can help you “Catch ’em All.”

Luckily the trainers at Pokémon GO Fest didn’t totally miss out on the event. Since the range of the PokéStops were extended to a two mile radius, trainers didn’t have to be in the park to get them. Also the special Pokémon and PokéStops were made available through the following Monday, giving trainers a chance to catch exclusive Pokémon and receive special items.

The biggest bonus of all, was getting a free Lugia added to their account. This Legendary Pokémon would have been available to the players in Grant Park if they had been able to complete the challenges and defeat Lugia in a raid battle. Given the amount of people at the event, they would have easily been able to achieve it all. So in a way, Niantic just gave the trainers what they would have won on their own, if given the chance.

It is really a shame that Niantic could not pull this anniversary event off, because I’m sure it would have been amazing! Niantic has some serious work to do if they ever want to have a successful event in the future. Hopefully the can figure it out, so we can all enjoy celebrating these events together.


Until next time…..GO on!




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