Pokémon GO Phenomenon

Pokemon Go Logo

Pokémon GO has been taking the world by storm since it’s release in early 2016 and has caused a Pokémon Go phenomenon. Everyone has been talking about it on social media and it has also been mentioned in the news.

For those of you who somehow missed all the hype surrounding Pokémon GO, here is the run down on the hit game.

Pokémon GO is a free to play mobile app available on IOS and Android devices. You can download the game for free from the Apple Store for IOS and Google Play for Android.

There are in game purchases, but they are not necessary to enjoy the game in full. You can use real life money to purchase PokéCoins which you can then use to purchase Pokéballs in the game.

However you don’t need to purchase Pokéballs, because you can find them at PokéStops for free. There are also some items you can purchase to help you enjoy your Pokémon GO adventure to the fullest extent.

The object of Pokémon GO is to travel around and look for Pokémon to capture. You can then train those Pokémon by leveling them up with candies, which you receive by catching the same Pokémon multiple times, and of course taking on Pokémon Gyms.

You can even take over a Gym and use your Pokémon to defend it. The ultimate goal would of course be to “catch ’em all” as they say.

Pokemon Go Screen Plan

Pokémon GO works by using your GPS location and loading a real-time map of your current location. You can then explore your surroundings by taking a trip through your neighborhood or city.

Pokémon will appear around you and if you are close enough you can try to capture them in a Pokéball. PokéStops and Gyms are typically located at monuments, memorials, churches and other historical places in the area.

This allows you to do some site seeing and travel to some places you have never been to. I know that when I first started playing, I found myself exploring parts of the city I normally don’t go to.

I found a lot of monuments and historical artifacts that I never even knew where located in my city. It was pretty cool to see these places for the first time.

Pokémon GO has become such a huge success for numerous reasons. Pokémon trainers around the world can go out, explore the world around them and see new places.

Pokémon trainers can also meet other trainers and make new friends while on their adventure. The game has also gotten people who would normally stay indoors and play video games to get outside in the fresh air and get moving as well.

The main reason I began playing the game, as I’m sure goes for many others as well,  was for the nostalgia. I have played the games since the very beginning and this was a childhood dream to go out on my own Pokémon adventure and catch Pokémon in real life.