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GameStop Pokémon Event: One Day Only 5/27/17

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I was going through all of my emails today, when I came across an email notification about an exclusive one day GameStop Pokémon event coming up. I am notified when cool events or sales are happening at GameStop locations, thanks to my Powerup Rewards Pro Membership. Since not everyone is subscribed to GameStop special offers, I figured I would help spread the word to other Pokémon fans, and also spread the savings around.

The one day GameStop Pokémon event will take place all day tomorrow on May 27th 2017 at participating locations. The first special offer they have is a buy three get one free deal for all Pokémon trading card booster packs. This also includes the new Pokémon Sun and Moon Guardians Rising booster packs. So if you’re behind on the new Pokémon Sun and Moon cards, like I am, this would be a great opportunity to stock up and collect all of the new Pokémon cards. This would also help if you want to build a new deck to take on your friends or enter into a tournament.

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Another exclusive offer that will be available tomorrow is 25% off Tomy Pokémon plush toys and select Pokémon housewares. The Pokémon plush toys include the new Sun and Moon starters as well as Pokémon from previous generations. The 25% discount offer also applies to all varieties of plush Pokéballs. Pokémon housewares include coffee mugs, tumblers, cups, and insulated travel mugs. This is a chance to grab some great Pokémon goodies for a lower price. I will definitely be stopping by for a plushie Rowlet since he is my favorite and is just so adorable.

If these Pokémon items are still a bit out of budget, GameStop is offering extra trade in credit up to 30% if you trade toward any items that are featured in this weeks ad. This can be used to purchase any of the awesome Pokémon stuff that is available, but only for tomorrow, then it’s back to regular store credit. This great deal can help make you feel a little more comfortable spending money on your favorite Pokémon goods, because you know you are getting a great deal.

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If Pokémon merchandise just really isn’t something you can afford at the moment, there is still something at the Pokémon event for you, so don’t worry. This offer is completely free and it isn’t just for the one day event. GameStop is offering free digital download codes for the Midnight Form of Lycanroc. This event started on May 15th and will continue through June 5th. So if you can’t make it out to one of their stores tomorrow, you still have a chance to pick one up at another time. All you need is your 3DS and your copy of either Pokémon Sun or Moon. You just walk into any GameStop and ask an associate for your free Lycanroc download code. Then all you have to do is follow these easy steps to receive your Pokémon on your game.

Lycanroc Download Code

  1. Scratch off the silver bar on the back of your Lycanroc download card to reveal the code.
  2. Turn on your 3DS with your copy or either Pokémon Sun or Moon.
  3. Select “Mystery Gift” from the main menu.
  4. Select “Receive Gift” from the options.
  5. Select “Get With Code”.
  6. Enter your download code from the back of your Lycanroc card.
  7. Watch as Lycanroc is downloaded onto your game.
  8. Go to any Pokémon Center in the game and speak with the delivery man to pick up your Lycanroc.
  9. Enjoy your new Pokémon pal.

It’s that simple and free so everyone can enjoy this special event.

I will be checking out this awesome GameStop Pokémon event tomorrow. Hopefully I can score some amazingly cheap and awesome Pokémon merchandise before they run out. I know I will at least pick up a download code for the Midnight Form of Lycanroc if all else fails. I’m pretty excited and I hope you guys are too. You don’t want to miss out or you might regret it. So get out there, have some fun and meet some awesome Pokémon fans!


Until next time…..get your Pokémon on!               Pokemon

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