Come Celebrate Pokémon GO Community Day

Pokémon GO Community Day: Come Join The Fun

Pokémon GO Community Day

Hello Trainers! Have you ever wondered how you could further enjoy playing Pokémon GO, how you could meet new people, and how you could celebrate your community all at the same time? Well look no further, because I have the perfect solution for you. Come and celebrate Pokémon GO Community Day!

You are probably scratching your head saying, what the heck is Pokémon GO Community Day anyways? Well Pokémon GO Community Day is a day when Trainers around the world can meet up in their Community and explore familiar areas while making new friends.

Pokémon Go Community Day will happen once every month. Each month will feature a different Pokémon. The featured Pokémon will appear more frequently for a limited time on that day. Each region will have it’s own three hour window where the featured Pokémon’s spawn rate will be increased.

The star Pokémon of each Community Day will have a special move that this Pokémon doesn’t normally have when encountered outside of the event. Also, any Lure Modules activated during this event will last for three hours.

Other bonuses, such as increased XP and increased Stardust for Pokémon captures will be available during the Community Day event. This will allow Trainers to grow levels faster with the extra XP and power up their Pokémon with the extra Stardust so they are stronger.

PGCD April MareepPictures from Pokémon GO Community Day April 15, 2018 with Mareep.

The Pokémon GO team has been so impressed with the passion of all of it’s players, and they hope that these monthly Community Days will add to the excitement of local events and meetups. This is a great opportunity to show pride in your community and have loads of fun with all of your old and new friends.

Please remember to be aware of your surroundings while exploring for new Pokémon. Always be respectful of pubic property and do not trespass just to catch a Pokémon. You wouldn’t want someone crawling around in your back yard, so please don’t do this to someone else.

I will make sure to keep everyone informed about when each months Pokémon GO Community Day is and which Pokémon will be featured that month. Make sure to clear you schedules and mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on this exciting event.

Here is a table of all of the Pokémon GO Community Days. As new ones are announced each month, I will update this table so you don’t miss any of them.


  Pokémon GO Community Days 

Pokemon Go Community Day Schedule

When each event starts, will all depend on the region you live in. If you want to know what time the Pokémon GO Community Day will begin where you live, just take a peek below.

  • Asia-Pacific Region – 12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. JST
  • Europe, Africa, India and The Middle East – 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. UTC
  • Greenland and The Americas – 11:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. PST

Make sure to adjust these times listed above so they accurately reflect your specific timezone. For example, I live in the USA and am part of EST. This means that the Pokémon GO Community Day event in my neck of the woods will run from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

I have missed almost all of these except for the one in February, because I kept forgetting when they were. I definitely will be setting a calendar reminder in my phone for all of the future events, so I don’t miss out.

Since I was able to participate in the event in February, I can personally attest to just how much fun these events really are. I caught a whole bunch of Dratini and had so much fun exploring my community with all of my friends.

Just make sure you have lots of Pokéballs and Lure Modules so you can catch as many featured Pokémon as you can. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and share them on your social media accounts with the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay.


Until next time….Be part of your Community!




10 thoughts on “Come Celebrate Pokémon GO Community Day

  1. Dyamond Reply

    I love this!! What a awesome way to get people to be more social and involved in the community!!

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Dyamond,

      It really is a great way to get everyone involved in their community and out socializing with one another. Pokémon GO has been working hard to get more people out of the house and playing together. It’s a great way for players to meet new friends too. Come check out the next Pokémon GO Community Day on May 19th and see what all the buzz is about.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Melinda Reply

    Wow! This sounds like a very exciting event for people who are pokemon enthusiasts! What a great way to explore your community.

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Melinda,

      It really is a great event for all the Pokémon fans in the community. It gets everyone together to explore their community while catching Pokémon. It’s also a great way to meet other people that have similar interests. Many people even make a new friend or two while at these events. Come join the fun on May 19th in your community.

      Thanks for reading,


  3. Ricardo Reply

    Hi I just saw POKEMON then I was here. IT is a great way to get everyone to meet up and socialise. And to hopefully find more in common with one another than just levels and stats

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hey Ricardo,

      I’m glad your love for Pokémon led you to Pokéful World! Pokémon GO and their Community Day events are a great way for Pokémon fans to get together and socialize. It’s always great to meet new people that have the same interests as you. It’s a nice opportunity to make new friends too. Just grab your mobile device and join all the fun in your community this Saturday.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Will Reply

    I’m new to pokemon go but interested in playing more. Would you recommend one of these events for a beginner?

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Will,

      Thanks for checking out my post. Any of these Pokémon GO events would be great for all levels of players. The great thing about Pokémon GO is that is it easy to just pick up and play. The start of the game walks you through all of the fundamentals of the game and gets you all set up. Then you just go out and explore nearby areas and see what you can find. You may find Pokémon, Poké Stops and even Gyms.

      You don’t have to devote a ton of time to this game to enjoy it. I only play a couple times a week for only a few minutes at a time. I just pick it up when I have some time to kill. I would suggest checking out the Pokémon GO Community Day this Saturday. There will be plenty of Pokémon to catch to keep you busy. If you decide to download the Pokémon GO app and give it a shot, let me know how you like it.


  5. Jack Mcelherron Reply

    Love the idea of going to a real life event in order to catch Pokemon and meet new people. Love the concept and great website!

    • Tabitha Desjardins Post authorReply

      Hello Jack,

      The Pokemon GO team has really been working hard to find new ways to get players out and spending more time with people. It sure beats locking yourself in your room all weekend playing video games. It’s just a great way to get everyone exercising and interacting with others who share their interests. I can’t wait to see where this event will lead me tomorrow!

      Thanks for your feedback,


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