Hello! My name is Tabitha and I am a huge Pokémon fan.                                     About Tabitha

I have been a Pokémon fan ever since Red and Blue Version were released in North America in 1998. I was only 6 years old and received my first game and system for my birthday (Which just happens to be the day after Christmas. Oh and before you ask, I did always get cheated out of my birthday gifts. I usual got one gift for both or my birthday would be forgotten all together). My very first game was Blue Version and I used to play it on a purple Gameboy Color (Purple is my favorite color!) My first starter was Bulbasaur of course! I would spend countless hours battling and catching Pokémon and just completely getting lost in the adventure.

I wasn’t just into the video games, though they may have sparked my interest in the franchise as a whole. I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch the new episode of Pokémon on Kids WB. By the way, I am so not a morning person, so this speaks for my love for Pokémon. I then went on to collect hundreds of Pokémon cards, which I still have tucked in a binder and stored someplace safe.

Of course Pokémon wasn’t just something for me to do and enjoy on my own. I showed my cousin and younger brother and ended up getting them both into Pokémon as well. My cousin had Red version so we used to see who could catch the coolest Pokémon and then show them off to each other. My brother also had Red version, but he was a bit young at the time and couldn’t really grasp the mechanics of the game. He didn’t end up playing much until he was a little older, but he loves the games now.

One thing my brother and I did do was play for hours with the little toy figures of our favorite Pokémon. We even had some of the trainers like Ash, Misty, and Jessie and James from Team Rocket. We would just get so lost in our imaginations and play into the early hours of the following morning. We had such a blast with our made up story lines and awesome Pokémon battles that we never wanted to go to bed. I even got my mom into Pokémon Puzzle League on the Nintendo 64. She would play all day while I was at school so she could sharpen her skills. She thought if she practiced more, she could beat me, but I was just too fast for her.

I think the main reason that I am still a Pokémon fan is because of all the great memories I have playing the games, watching the anime and playing with the figures. My family and I will always have these fun memories together and will look back on those days for the rest of our lives. I hold such a strong connection with Pokémon from my childhood that has carried into my adult years and will continue to be a part of my life for many years to come.

Well that is me and my Pokémon obsession in a nut shell. I just wanted to share my love of Pokémon with the rest of the Pokémon community and anyone else who is interested. I hope you enjoy everything Pokémon and have some fun along the way.


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